Let's play wine

BY the DARING co.

Images, some familiar some new.  Momentary wants and wishes which intertwine with aromas that awaken memories.  No intention in the beginning, time brought it out, effortlessly, like a book page that turns and goes on to another page to give words continuity and thoughts liquidity.



Empty is the bottle, having so much to say.  A story and a vision, embodied in hard work and patience, only to emerge triumphant in time.

What can you fit into a glass of wine, a glass of Xinomavro?

Certainly a lot of pleasure.

...2, 3, 4…8, 10 an aftertaste almost ever lasting.  An overflowing stream of flavors running in the heart and a harmony balancing in the midst of contrasts.


A vine with a strong trunk, rooted in soils with clear identity.  A region, Naoussa is called, a landmark and a label with a harvest that dates back years, maybe even decades.

In a swirl of red color with ruby highlights and waves of fragrances, not easily detected by the nose.  But, still, there in the background they keep company to the images that move among laptop keys, toys, pencils, papers and a drop of wine full with tannins, acidity and more aromas apparent that open up like a curtain in a theatre for the next act.