Let's play wine


Why we love Xinomavro

A few days ago I was talking to a psychologist who said to me: "..all these people around us who we call difficult, people difficult in their communication, in their daily routine, people with effusions and mood swings, are usually personalities on the verge of the disorder..."  My eyes opened wide, as I can think of many who could be labeled as "Difficult".

"However, don't feel at all bad, the psychologist went on, "contact with such people is of utmost importance for our progress as individuals.  These are the characters who move forward and move us forward.  We may like "easy" and "pleasant, " but they are not taking us anywhere."


Listening to these words, Xinomavro came to mind, perhaps the Greek vineyards' most difficult variety. If one reads the description of a typical Xinomavro, one will go out of their way to taste it. The soft color that quickly tends to become brown.  Intense nose but without fruit, and domination of herbal aromas, like sun-dried tomatoes.  Dry in the mouth and full of edgy corners, with intense, wild tannins and high acidity.  Why should we then drink a Xinomavro?  Because simply it can give some of the most fascinating, complex and multifaceted wines in the world.  A Xinomavro is always teeming with character, particularity, while it can age for decades.  What else could we ask for from a Great Wine?


Recently, in one of my presentations in San Francisco, I said that Xinomavro is a "bitch," due to both the style of the wine and its difficulty to cultivate and vinify.  My mistake, I should have taken into consideration that I was on the West Coast of the USA and call it a "diva" instead.  But these things happen.  A lady from the audience got up immediately and asked me to answer for myself and apologize to the ladies that were present in the room.  I certainly did just that, although the rest of the audience, including the women, smiled ironically at her demand.


Next time I visit San Francisco, I should remember to give the lady the book titled “Why men love bitches”.._