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The Rapsani wine is one of the most important PDO reds of Greece.  Providing its potential Tsantali wines found a new smart way of telling the fascinating story of this extraordinary wine.


Not much that have not already been said about Xinomavro and its exquisite wine assets. Indeed “intriguing” is the word that best describes the autochthonous grape from Greece, while both the appeal to wine enthusiasts and the potential in the world wine market are too notable.


During the last years, important rhetoric about Xinomavro is rising with many esteemed wine personalities talking about the Greek grape with the tongue-twister name, highlighting the distinctiveness, the versatility and the beautiful way in which it imprints the birthplace-terroir. Most of the times, all that under the umbrella of the “Greece” brand, sometimes with positive and sometimes with not that positive connotation. All those write ups and word-of-mouth – combined with road shows and tastings in targeted markets- is a solid kick-off and – as the experience so far has proved - works as leverage for demand; still, is that enough?

One should always keep in mind that the challenge for Xinomavro is not to find its place neither in just in the domestic market nor in a small circle of wine geeks, but to establish a realistic niche position into a global wine market where there are many distinctive grapes and many too good and intriguing wines. At the same time, the fast-forwarding trend of biodiversity and rare indigenous varieties whips up a storm of “rising stars” practically every day. In other words, the real challenge for Xinomavro is a marketing-oriented strategy powered by a genuinely gripping USP narrated through a fascinating story telling.


Greek winemaking is too lucky in that aspect; the extraordinary story that can carry away the wine enthusiasts/consumers is already there, offered by the long lasting heritage, the mind-boggling mythology, the enticing local traditions, the renowned gastronomy, etc. Greek wine has the unusual luxury of being not just a top-notch wine, but an inspiring “narrator” with a soul. The goal is to establish a brand, or better said a branded experience. At Tsantali we are focusing on that direction; the first step has been to create a team of experts in the fields of marketing and communication which - coupled by the highly experienced Export Department - has come up with strategic, marketing-oriented techniques of storytelling. Today we are proud of our first project launched, the Rapsani Wine Adventure concept aiming at an alternative way of promoting Rapsani Mount Olympus, the 4th PDO region featuring Xinomavro in Greece. The idea was powered

a) by creative brainstorming and international trends’ benchmarking,

b) by sincere belief and respect in the uniqueness of Rapsani and

c) by the acknowledgment of the Rapsani potential based on the fact (and great responsibility towards it) that Tsantali Rapsani in Quebec Canada has been probably the most solid export success story of the Greek winemaking, having succeeded in establishing a brand and consequently a lead-in to commercial loyalty.


The Rapsani Wine Adventure is no rocket science; it is a case study of marketing-oriented strategy. All the unique assets of the region were on the table, evaluated, enhanced and finally embodied into a fascinating story telling and a branded experience. For example, Mount Olympus is not just the higher mountain of Greece but the Home of the Olympian Gods with a spellbinding morphology;


Rapsani is not just wine, but a unique mosaic of tradition, biodiversity, challenging winemaking with the co-cultivation and co vinification of the three varieties, terroir and sub terroir definition. Our goal has been to offer something special that goes beyond the standard tours in the vineyards and the regular tastings in the wineries. Instead, our guests are invited to a divine “safari” with off-road convertible cars seeking to discover the soul of Rapsani. During the Mt. Olympus ascend from 200 to 700 meters all the special features of Rapsani are revealed: mixed vines, three indigenous grapes, different pruning systems, a tradition that passes on from generation to generation, outstanding surroundings, dedication, distinctiveness. The set of values that make Rapsani wines so high is discovered and experienced.


The Rapsani Wine Adventure is fully branded, supported by #rapsanilover kit that works as a memorabilia and by an ongoing targeted social media campaign, while it is harmoniously incorporated into the contemporary brand image and positioning of our Rapsani wines. Already we have received a significant number of requests from all over the world to visit Mount Olympus and participate at Rapsani Wine Adventure. Regarding the feedback, it has been outstanding, exceeding our highest expectations. That is how we believe an individual wine and an extraordinary story must be treated and promoted to the wine world.

Lily Dimitriou is Marketing & Communications Director at Tsantali wines